Vintage Dollhouses

Children who love to use imagination and creativity in their play will be delighted to accept a dollhouse. A dollhouse allows children to create productive role play with any dimension of dollhouse. Younger children develop hand-eye coordination playing with smaller dollhouses, and older children build their artistic skill in building and decorating larger ones. Of course, girls will love the selection of bright, dainty, magical, or realistic dollhouses. My friend’s daughter does, he owns pressure washing Lawrenceville Ga and they are constantly looking at them! There even exists classic barns, rugged mountain cabins, battle-ready castles, and more for boys to play with.

Dollhouses can be played with immediately, or can be constructed with kits for an unforgettable family experience.

Most people believe that a dollhouse is more of a store-bought item, entirely constructed and needing only furniture or dolls to be played with. Indeed, many of those dollhouses exist and the selection spans the range of size, style, and age group. Some examples would be wooden houses, which can be painted and decorated, or ones that are meant to be easy and plain. There are also pre-made dollhouses with fiber board walls, which typically have their walls and floors already decorated.

Some of the wood dollhouses will involve some simple assembly or finishing. This generally involves only Continue reading »

Types Of Dollhouses

Whether you’re exploring the idea of becoming a proud dollhouse owner or you want to build one for a small girl in your life, you’ll find that there are plenty of kits available to help you get started. You do not have to build a dollhouse from the plans up to have an incredible creation. Even when tools are used, you’ll still be able to personalize the end design by putting your artistic touch into the colors, trim and furnishings.

Dollhouse kits come in a couple of types and plenty of styles. As you explore the world of miniatures, you’re likely to discover the only thing that limits options is your imagination.

Types Of Dollhouses

There are two main types of dollhouse kits available to choose from. Both are appropriate for beginners in this hobby. They are:

Those designed for children – Dollhouses that are specially made for children will be sturdier and more durable by design. My buddy over at Gutter Cleaning Roswell Ga has a daughter that is really into dollhouses and collected them. Some are made from wood and wood products, but others might be hard plastic molds. They may not include as many bells and whistles as house kits designed for older girls or adults, but they can be rather spectacular to look at and especially play with. The latter is the whole reason to get this type of design.

Those designed for adults – Dollhouse kits that are meant for adult enthusiasts are designed with lots of detail in mind. They might have functional Continue reading »