Using Wire in Your Dollhouse

Using wire in your dollhouse is a never-ending way of being creative. The list is absolutely endless with ideas, scrolling through Pinterest will give you more ideas than you can possibly do!

Types of Wire

You can use whatever wire you have around your house. But you will find a great selection of wire at your local craft stores and hardware stores, the thinner wire is easy to work with. You will need pliers, and I recommend regular pliers as well as jewelry pliers for the more delicate projects. My friends who do junk removal in Woodstock Ga had to take down a bunch of this at one of their recent jobs, took them forever!

So What Can You Create?

Paperclips can be folded into cute little wire hangers, the colored paperclips add a fun pop pf color to a closet or coat hanger by your front door. Fancy drop earrings hung from tall hooks of

wire make cute wind chimes for your front porch.

Wrap wire around marbles to create gazing balls for your front yard. Super easy and since marble come in all kids of beautiful colors you have all kinds of options. Wrap wire around a marble and hang it in your house as a lamp.

Wrap wire around a bottle cap to make a chair, or use the cage around a wine bottle around a bottle cap.

Use different colored wire to make chandeliers and baskets, the thinner wire and jewelry pliers will be very helpful here. Add beads of various kinds as you make your creations for a pop of color. Small crystals will be beautiful and look like diamonds.

With the proper tools, you can make almost anything. If you have a front yard, a swing set will look good, too. Small pieces of wood can be used for the seats. You have so many options when it comes to wire, being creative has never been easier!

Can You Make Your Own Dollhouse Furniture?

Vintage Dollhouses can be varied and unique, each has their own spaces and rooms and they are all different. Some have parlors and fancy sitting rooms, others have dressing rooms and large closets. So finding furniture can be tricky!

So, is making your own furniture a daunting task? Without wood working tools and special instruments, some of the furniture can be difficult to make. But you can make quite a few pieces if you get creative.

The Garden

If you have a garden around your house, or a front porch, you can make a variety of things to decorate. Little acorns filled with moss can hang from your porch. Twigs and small squares of wood can be glued into end tables. Small rocks can be painted to make stepping stones. Tiny pieces of fabric and little wood sticks can make flags.

The Foyer

Small strips of thick fabric can make wonderful rugs. Stain a small piece of wood with mini hooks and you have a coat rack to hang. Hang a small compact mirror in the hallway. This article is brought to you by our sponsor who are locksmiths in Austin Texas!

How to Find Supplies

Most craft store carry a wide range of wood pieces, dowels and wood sticks in various sizes, as we all finished and unfinished dollhouse furniture. Most wood that you will find will be thin and easy to work with. You will need craft or wood glue to attach the pieces, your options are endless!

With paint and stain options galore, you will be able to create one of a kind pieces in the color schemes you need. You can paint and then distress, very trendy right now. Distressed items would also fit into a farm type style dollhouse.

Making furniture for your dollhouse is not a daunting task, with some creativity you can have one of a kind furniture perfect for your house!


Using Foamboard

Foam core, foam board, or paper-faced foam board is a lightweight and easily cut material used for mounting of photographic prints, as backing in picture framing, in for making scale models, and in painting.

Foam board can be used for a wide variety of projects in and around your dollhouse. It can be scratched, etched, carved, colored, painted or covered. It’s sturdy enough to make furniture, and it’s especially suited for shelves, book cases and fireplaces. Brought to you by the best movers in San Marcos!

 This photo shows how foam board can be made to look like stone. You can press various shapes into the board, or cut out shapes like stones or bricks.

You can then paint and stain it to look like stone or wood. This would make a great fireplace.


Foam board can also be cut into the shapes you need for furniture, like a couch or bed. Once you have the back and sides cut for your couch, for example, glue fabric over both sides before putting it together. You can match your living room furniture to your decor, for a customized look.

Foam board scraped and stained a brown color would make a nice armoire or entertainment center for your dolls. You can add shelves and doors, even cut out sections and tape plastic to the inside to look like windows. Small foam squares can be cut and painted to look like books or game board boxes. Foam board tape can be used to make doors that open.

Use an embossing tool to create a fun design, paint it, and you can make a cook back splash for your kitchen. Or design custom artwork for your wall, like a fun Monet print!

Foam board is a versatile item for your dollhouse, one that is inexpensive but can be made into almost anything.

Vintage Dollhouses

Children who love to use imagination and creativity in their play will be delighted to accept a dollhouse. A dollhouse allows children to create productive role play with any dimension of dollhouse. Younger children develop hand-eye coordination playing with smaller dollhouses, and older children build their artistic skill in building and decorating larger ones. Of course, girls will love the selection of bright, dainty, magical, or realistic dollhouses. My friend’s daughter does, he owns a company who is a roofing company in Buford and likes aged mountain cabins, battle-ready castles, and more for boys to play with.

Dollhouses can be played with immediately, or can be constructed with kits for an unforgettable family experience.

Most people believe that a dollhouse is more of a store-bought item, entirely constructed and needing only furniture or dolls to be played with. Indeed, many of those dollhouses exist and the selection spans the range of size, style, and age group. Some examples would be wooden houses, which can be painted and decorated, or ones that are meant to be easy and plain. There are also pre-made dollhouses with fiber board walls, which typically have their walls and floors already decorated.

Some of the wood dollhouses will involve some simple assembly or finishing. This generally involves only Continue reading »

Types Of Dollhouses

Whether you’re exploring the idea of becoming a proud dollhouse owner or you want to build one for a small girl in your life, you’ll find that there are plenty of kits available to help you get started. You do not have to build a dollhouse from the plans up to have an incredible creation. Even when tools are used, you’ll still be able to personalize the end design by putting your artistic touch into the colors, trim and furnishings.

Dollhouse kits come in a couple of types and plenty of styles. As you explore the world of miniatures, you’re likely to discover the only thing that limits options is your imagination.

Types Of Dollhouses

There are two main types of dollhouse kits available to choose from. Both are appropriate for beginners in this hobby. They are:

Those designed for children – Dollhouses that are specially made for children will be sturdier and more durable by design. My buddy over at Gutter Cleaning Roswell Ga has a daughter that is really into dollhouses and collected them. Some are made from wood and wood products, but others might be hard plastic molds. They may not include as many bells and whistles as house kits designed for older girls or adults, but they can be rather spectacular to look at and especially play with. The latter is the whole reason to get this type of design.

Those designed for adults – Dollhouse kits that are meant for adult enthusiasts are designed with lots of detail in mind. They might have functional Continue reading »