Can You Make Your Own Dollhouse Furniture?

Vintage Dollhouses can be varied and unique, each has their own spaces and rooms and they are all different. Some have parlors and fancy sitting rooms, others have dressing rooms and large closets. So finding furniture can be tricky!

So, is making your own furniture a daunting task? Without wood working tools and special instruments, some of the furniture can be difficult to make. But you can make quite a few pieces if you get creative.

The Garden

If you have a garden around your house, or a front porch, you can make a variety of things to decorate. Little acorns filled with moss can hang from your porch. Twigs and small squares of wood can be glued into end tables. Small rocks can be painted to make stepping stones. Tiny pieces of fabric and little wood sticks can make flags.

The Foyer

Small strips of thick fabric can make wonderful rugs. Stain a small piece of wood with mini hooks and you have a coat rack to hang. Hang a small compact mirror in the hallway. This article is brought to you by our sponsor who are locksmiths in Austin Texas!

How to Find Supplies

Most craft store carry a wide range of wood pieces, dowels and wood sticks in various sizes, as we all finished and unfinished dollhouse furniture. Most wood that you will find will be thin and easy to work with. You will need craft or wood glue to attach the pieces, your options are endless!

With paint and stain options galore, you will be able to create one of a kind pieces in the color schemes you need. You can paint and then distress, very trendy right now. Distressed items would also fit into a farm type style dollhouse.

Making furniture for your dollhouse is not a daunting task, with some creativity you can have one of a kind furniture perfect for your house!