Using Wire in Your Dollhouse

Using wire in your dollhouse is a never-ending way of being creative. The list is absolutely endless with ideas, scrolling through Pinterest will give you more ideas than you can possibly do!

Types of Wire

You can use whatever wire you have around your house. But you will find a great selection of wire at your local craft stores and hardware stores, the thinner wire is easy to work with. You will need pliers, and I recommend regular pliers as well as jewelry pliers for the more delicate projects. My friends who do junk removal in Woodstock Ga had to take down a bunch of this at one of their recent jobs, took them forever!

So What Can You Create?

Paperclips can be folded into cute little wire hangers, the colored paperclips add a fun pop pf color to a closet or coat hanger by your front door. Fancy drop earrings hung from tall hooks of

wire make cute wind chimes for your front porch.

Wrap wire around marbles to create gazing balls for your front yard. Super easy and since marble come in all kids of beautiful colors you have all kinds of options. Wrap wire around a marble and hang it in your house as a lamp.

Wrap wire around a bottle cap to make a chair, or use the cage around a wine bottle around a bottle cap.

Use different colored wire to make chandeliers and baskets, the thinner wire and jewelry pliers will be very helpful here. Add beads of various kinds as you make your creations for a pop of color. Small crystals will be beautiful and look like diamonds.

With the proper tools, you can make almost anything. If you have a front yard, a swing set will look good, too. Small pieces of wood can be used for the seats. You have so many options when it comes to wire, being creative has never been easier!